I Love my Masks, the adjustable straps are so comfy and the mask is so stylish


“This is the type of dress I would wear all the time... to golf, to work from home, to look cute and run errands, for coffee ... ahh you make such lovely things”


"The masks fits like a glove"


"I really like the camel tracksuit, may need to go sneaker shopping lol or wear it with heels!"


" These dresses are comfortable, and the pockets!"



Birthed out of passion and purpose, Rochelle Nicole is a brand full of expression for the love of fashion.  They create clothing that empowers, the wearer to feel confident while fulfilling their goals, and passions.

Bermudian Designer, Rochelle Minors founded Rochelle Nicole in 2014 after debuting her graduate collection  from University for the Creative Arts at London Graduation Fashion Week in 2014. She returned to her island home Bermuda, in 2018 where the brand is now based. Her motto is all about following your passion when choosing a career, and hopes to inspire the next generation to do just that. 

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